Übermut is an overdrive pedal that allows you to craft your own signature sound using our Tone Packs. You don’t have to be a rocket surgeon or use any tools to MOD your pedal, just mix and match our Tone Packs to find your own unique sound in seconds. Whether a beginner or professional musician, you’re bound to learn more about how to create new tone.

We believe the mark of a great effects pedal is one that reacts to the player and the tone of the instrument. That is why Übermut is 100% analog with hand wired controls and true bypass switching. The no-compromise design and selection of high-end components in this pedal preserve the tonal properties of your guitar even at high gain settings.



A Tone Pack is a group of parts that alters the tone of the overdrive produced by the pedal. We have taken out the guesswork by finding unique and sometimes rare parts that sound really good and have put them together for you to experiment with. Our Tone Packs are just a starting point for you to explore literally thousands of unique tones ranging from a clean boost, to overdrive, to distortion, to gnarly fuzz.

In keeping with the elegantly simple design philosophy, we included three control knobs and one treble boost switch. The enclosure features a slanted back preventing accidental knob turns with your foot. The Übermut also features a large, glowing on/off indicator, making it easier to see on a dark stage. For the tone purists, we have included a true bypass, high quality foot-switch that will stand up to abuse while keeping your guitar tone intact.


Using Übermut is easy. Just pop your new components into the tone socket and you’re ready to play. Use 1 to 4 parts in a variety of orientations to achieve even more tonal possibilities.


No Tools Required - Just Your Ears...